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SFH & Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Helen Green

AIM : This extensive course will explore the range, impact and severity of IBS symptomology as well as the theories on causality and the range of treatments available, some of which your clients may have tried.

Crucially, in this CPD, we will also be exploring how and why Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can help – from a neuroscientific and psychological viewpoint.

The course will provide you with lots of useful information and research, but also involve discussion of case studies and the chance to develop some practical skills through various activities and exercises. It will help you to develop your knowledge of IBS, understand your clients’ perspectives and treatments more fully, and help you to refine your approach and SFH tools, so that you can confidently help your clients to deal with this complex condition and other digestive issues.

Who would benefit from attending the course?

  • Any qualified SFH looking to develop their knowledge about IBS, digestion and how SFH can help.
  • Any therapist who has had clients who are struggling with IBS and would like to know more.
  • Anyone who has friends or family members with IBS, or even if you suffer yourself – this course will look at a variety of aspects that can be helpful.
  • Anyone wanting to feel more confident dealing with clients who have IBS or other digestive problems.
  • Anyone looking to expand their client-base and business offering, by developing their knowledge and expertise in this area.
  • Anyone wanting to learn about additional SFH tools for their toolkit, which can help many other clients, not just those struggling with IBS or digestive problems.

Brief course overview:


  • Digestive Health overview – biology and processes
  • IBD vs IBS
  • Diagnosed vs undiagnosed
  • Caveats and Disclaimers, including red flags when working with clients


  • History and Description
  • Prevalence
  • Symptomology – common and uncommon; physical, social & emotional

The science bit

  • What causes IBS and other digestive issues, what happens and how this affects us
  • Neuroscience and digestion
  • The serotonin powerhouse and mechanics of digestive transit
  • IBS and the brain!

Treatment & management

  • Latest medical approach – brief overview of medications, FODMAP etc.
  • The role of gut bacteria and how this impacts the brain.
  • Talking therapies – NICE and research studies, Gut-directed hypnosis vs SFH
  • The impact of stress and anxiety reduction


  • Client explanations and information gathering
  • Specific explanations during the IC – cortisol and serotonin and how these relate to IBS
  • Follow up sessions – using SF methods (scaling, MQ and SFQ) to identify and amplify strengths and coping strategies, and to enhance confidence.
  • Additional SFH strategies (also for use with pain, addiction, anxiety and other issues).

About Helen Green :

Helen Green CPHT CPD LecturerMy background is in Psychology, Health Psychology & Clinical Research. My areas of research covered specific aspects of psychopharmacology, and the impact of emotional states on behaviour (addictions) and physical health. I’m a certified trainer and love SFH and its effectiveness and have been a practicing SFH for several years!

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Hypnosis for Improved Sports Performance
Trevor Eddolls

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Exploring Stress Theories and Solutions (Online Presentation)
Helen Green

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Exploring Stress Theories and Solutions (Online Presentation)
Helen Green

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A reminder of key information :

Overview of CPD Content: CPD Programme List 2020 Plus Iss2
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